Stephen Kraffmiller and I gave a talk called "How to Run a Successful Open Source Java EE Project" at JavaOne 2017 in San Francisco. Here are the slides:

Please note that the outline I used during the talk is toward the back.

While I was preparing for the talk I starting writing a transcript, an ideal version of what I'd say. It's not complete but it shows where I was going. If there's interest in a cleaned up version, please let me know!

In the talk I mentioned a related case study and I was writing about transparency. You can read the published article at as well as the background on this piece.

Eventually I'll also link to a long list of resources I've been gathering, especially from my tweet asking about prior art.

Running an open source project is such a broad topic that I've had to leave lots of ideas on the cutting room floor. If you're interested in this topic, please get in touch!

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