Hi! My name is Philip Durbin and I'm an open source software developer. My website is greptilian.com.

I've had the privilege of being paid to work full time on open source as a software developer since 2012 on a project called Dataverse at the Institute for Quantitative Social Science (IQSS) at Harvard.

You can read more of my work history on LinkedIn, which highlights my experience with software development, Linux, and networking. I'm on GitHub as pdurbin and Twitter as @philipdurbin.

I jumped at the chance to work on Dataverse because I've been a fan of open source since I discovered it in the late 90s. I first read an open source license after using VNC to solve a problem at work and thought, "This open source stuff is like science, like standing on the shoulders of giants." I love building things, especially an open source product that is growing in adoption around the world.

Writing code is fun, but I also very much enjoy participating in the open source community around Dataverse and other projects. I'm quite active on the dataverse-community mailing list, the #dataverse channel on the freenode IRC network, and bi-weekly calls. We've started having an annual Dataverse conference which we call a "community meeting" and it's been thrilling to meet people from around the world who are excited enough about our product to fly in and listen to talks or give one themselves. A group in Norway created a video explaining why you'd want to run software like Dataverse. Folks in the Netherlands baked cakes with the Dataverse logo on it. Based on these experiences and more, I gave a talk at JavaOne 2017 on how to run an open source project.

I spend most of my free time with my family. We like playing with our cats, reading, hiking, orienteering, going to the beach, skiing, cooking, traveling, and playing games. My wife and I bike to work. I play a little guitar. Please feel free to get in touch.

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