NetBeans Vim Description
Ctrl-Shift-o ? go to file
Cmd-[ % jump to matching bracket
PageDown Ctrl-f scroll window forward
PageUp Ctrl-b scroll window backward
Cmd-Left 0 move cursor to beginning of line
Cmd-Right $ move cursor to end of line
Cmd-upArrow gg move cursor to beginning of file
Cmd-downArrow G move cursor to end of file
Cmd-Shift-b ? go to source
Ctrl-leftArrow ? back to line before "go to source"
Cmd-Alt-b ? go to implementation
Ctrl-i ? insert code
Alt-Enter ? show hints
Cmd-/ ? toggle comment
Ctrl-g : go to line
Ctrl-space ? show code completion popup
Ctrl-Alt-space ? show all code completion popup
Cmd-Shift-space ? show documentation popup
Cmd-Shift-i ? fix all imports
Cmd-; ? complete line (add semicolon)
Ctrl-e ? next error (or warning) in editor
Ctrl-Shift-leftArrow << move code left
move code right

Direct data download

In a "file open" dialog box, Enter selects the highlighted folder. To go into the folder, use Ctrl-Enter.

To have NetBeans open a custom URL when you run your app (i.e. deploy your war file) when you hit F6 for "Run Project", right-click your project and select Properties, go to the "Run" category and enter a "Relative URL".

sout followed by Tab yields System.out.println(""); per works fine with

"Next error" seems buggy per ... the most reliable way to navigate to the next error using only a keyboard is to compile your project, hit Cmd-4 to bring up the Output window, arrow up and down over the blue links, and hit Enter to navigate directly to the line with the error. You can also use Ctrl-e ("Next Error in Editor") to jump to the next line with an error but this also jumps to lines with warnings and there is no way to go back.

Bug 233199 – Firefox with Netbeans integration -

On Mac, Mission Control interferes with using Ctrl-leftArrow to go "back". Mission Control wants to use this keyboard shortcut for "Move left a space".

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