Krita ( is a sketching and painting program with animation features planned in version 3.0.

What really caught my attention was the animation below of the cat from Pepper and Carrot in a post on Google+ by David Revoy at

I was reminded instantly of my fondness for Disney Animation Studio (DAS) on my family's Amiga when I was a kid. In this video from 1990, you can see a demo of creating 12 cells in 40 seconds (of water dripping):

Basically, DAS excelled at emulating old-school, paper flip books that kids like me loved to make. They look like this:

Out of the box Krita: 2.9.9 Animation Edition (beta) isn't set up to create flip books quickly. It would be tough to make 12 frames in 40 seconds. However, you can add keyboard shortcuts for "next frame" and "previous frame" in the timeline. Then you hit the "Delete" key to make a new frame. It works well enough. Here's my quick sketch of water dripping:

Now I need some ideas of what to draw. My friend Jim used to draw a crocodile (or dragon?) that looked something like this:

My kids decided to draw a smiley face:

Then we brought to life "Flip-O-Rama #4" from one of their favorite graphic novels:

Oh, at it looks like they'll be working on animated gif export, which is great especially since indicates a lot of people voted for this as a stretch goal, but in the meantime you can just save as PNG from "Export animation" and "Export Sequence" and then use this ImageMagick command: convert -delay 3 -loop 0 *.png out.gif

Here are some links I've found interesting:

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