SLOPI (pronounced "sloppy") is short for Searchable Linkable Open Public Indexed, a style of communication I recommend for open source projects:

Skipper allows you easily filter your GitHub issues down to the ones that weren't created by members of the project. An example query would be is:open repo:pdurbin/addressbookmvc -author:pdurbin -author:dhutty. Code at

Feedcritic helps you keep track of the many podcasts you're subscribed to and choose which episodes to listen to. I'm playing around with code at (includes screenshots) which has been deployed to

Pastries is a quick and dirty HTML5 game that could be cleaned up and used in a tutorial for kids writing their own games:

Druthers allows for crowdsourced issue ordering. contains proof of concept code. To see me mentioning the idea to a user asking about particular issues, see

Connectors allows you to describe the relationships between people you know and where they hang out online. There is a some proof of concept code at and an example based on IRC channels at

Unread monitors your WeeChat hotlist and provides a link to the public logs of an IRC channel so you can catch up in a browser when you don't have access to your screen session. There's some very rough code at that needs to be cleaned up.

Clipshare would allow you to pause the podcast you're listening to and share a clip that you find particularly interesting. See also a related discussion in the AntennaPod issue tracker.

CopyAddressToClipboardAndTitle (CATCAT) would be a Firefox add-on that copys the address (URL) and title of a web page to the clipboard. It would be useful for GitHub Issues, Twitter posts, news articles, and more. Previously I used CoLT for this purpose but there hasn't been any movement on so maybe it is time to start a new add-on, perhaps using as a starting point.

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