NetBeans Eclipse Description
Ctrl-Shift-o Cmd-Shift-r go to file
Cmd-[ ? jump to matching bracket
PageDown ? scroll window forward
PageUp ? scroll window backward
Cmd-Left ? move cursor to beginning of line
Cmd-Right ? move cursor to end of line
Cmd-upArrow ? move cursor to beginning of file
Cmd-downArrow ? move cursor to end of file
Cmd-Shift-b ? go to source
Cmd-Alt-b ? go to implementation
Ctrl-i ? insert code
Alt-Enter ? show hints
Cmd-/ ? toggle comment
Ctrl-g ? go to line
Ctrl-space ? show code completion popup
Ctrl-Alt-space ? show all code completion popup
Cmd-Shift-space ? show documentation popup
Cmd-Shift-i ? fix all imports
Cmd-; ? complete line (add semicolon)
Ctrl-e ? next error (or warning) in editor
Ctrl-Shift-leftArrow ? move code left
Ctrl-Shift-rightArrow ? move code right

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