is about making it easier for people to contribute to open source. The talk is sort of a walk through of . You can find the slides at is about Mako's concerns over how proprietary is using free software techniques. Slides at is they opening keynote where Deb Nicholson explains that we must be friendly to newcomers. "We may need to meet the village more than halfway. We may have to become the (alien) armadillo. Cyberpunk, alien, armadillo resisters." The story she talked about was The Enchanted Village by A.E. Van Vogt. is about how free software developers should care about UX. Slides can be found at and the talk can be discussed at is a talk by Karen Sandler where she explains her personal advocacy for free software due to her defibrillator and the need for diversity in the free software movement. Slides at is about the FSF directory, WikiData, and more. Slides at was good and slides are similar to the ones at and sketchnotes are available at . Slides at is a talk by RMS who mentions some new initiatives. mentions (see ). She talks about Oracle's writing about "false narratives" at . Slides at is an update on Tor. They're starting to use Rust instead of C. They think a lot about censorship. Slides at had talks on biking (by Salt), hacking music notation systems using Clairnote and Lilypond, secure scuttlebutt (by Joey Hess), role playing games, subdo ( ), GNU Screen, and LinuxConf Australia. had talks on the future of computing and creating convenient, ethical products (Todd), welcoming women in open source (Eris), Global Rescue Systems, Technoethical laptops (Curtis), (dkg), Bash, and debugd (Joey Hess). explains the various advances in the use of open source by governments around the world. Slides at is about ActivityPub and the standards work that lead to it. Slides at is about GNOME. Slides at was an interesting talk with a focus on Android. There was an etherpad during the talk and some browser plugins were mentioned that can help detect apps that engage in surveillance. Checks are being added to F-Droid. An Android app is in development. is by the creator of and is about making money with free software. is about archiving sites like GitHub. Slides at . Slides at is about how we should be friendlier. Slides at is a walkthrough of is by a self-described millennial. is a deep dive on commands used for getting set up. Slides at is about how non-profits engage in fundraising and need to manage their relationship with donors. Slides at is about which is new software described as "fully-free and open fundraising infrastructure for nonprofits and NGOs. Slides at . Slides at is about the disconnect between the automotive industry and free software world, how they don't speak each other's language. was interesting and he mentioned they published some data. mentions the importance of HTTPS, even for static sites, talking about how library circulation records are private. Slides at seemed like an awesome live demo if you were in the room. is basically a new Linux distribution. Slides at explained how given current laws, you can distribute source code but not class 3 medical devices. is about ethics. Slides at is by an OpenSUSE contributor. Slides at is about reproducible builds. is about GNU Health and health challenges around the world. is about libreCMC. Slides at argues that free software helps keep us more secure. Slides at is about the advances LibreOffice has made and certification. Slides at in an intro, like it says. Slides at is by der.hans. was about the Barre Open Systems Institute.

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