I went to http://devconf.us 2019 and had the following on my profile at https://devconfus2019.sched.com/philipdurbin

Since 2012 Phil has been a developer for Dataverse, open source research data repository software installed by 46 organizations around the world and translated into 10 languages, at the Institute for Quantitative Social Science at Harvard.

In 2017 Phil stood up Dataverse on OpenShift which lead to him co-mentoring the Spring 2018 Cloud Computing Course from Boston University and Northeastern where students worked on scaling Dataverse on OpenShift and released a video demonstrating the improvements from their merged pull requests. (At the same time Dataverse was being integrated with Spark using the Open Service Broker API by another group of students for the same course.) Later that summer, Phil mentored two interns at Red Hat who continued to make pull requests related to running Dataverse better on OpenShift that were QA'ed and merged. All these efforts were lead by Dan McPherson from Red Hat who summarized them in a talk called Dataverse on OpenShift/Kubernetes at the 4th annual Dataverse Community Meeting that fall and the Dataverse community has continued to build upon them in repos focused on Docker and Kubernetes.

In addition to enjoying the fantastic content at DevConf.US, Phil is hoping to continue conversations with attendees he has spoken with in other contexts. In particular he enjoyed the Open Data Hub poster from the 5th annual Dataverse Community meeting, the recent workshop for the Open Source Software Health Index Project, and collaborations with Mass Open Cloud.

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